29 June 2023


This exhibition intends to retrace the long history of a company, founded in 1889, and its territory, with the ambition of bearing witness and promoting a winning model of economics. Watch the report filmed by RAI TG3 Lombardia.
5 June 2023

POZZI ELECTA: yarn production for Orange Fiber

Orange Fiber has entrusted us with the production of its precious yarn made with the innovative fiber TENCEL™ Limited edition x Orange Fiber, made of cellulose of oranges deriving from citrus fruit waste and wood cellulose. Starting from TENCEL™ Limited edition x Orange Fiber,  two pure yarns are produced in counts NE 40/1 and  NE 40/2. Additional counts can be developped in co-operation with customers.
31 January 2023


Pozzi Electa design a new Collection made with precious selection of fibres suche as long staple Cotton, superfine Cashmere for white, Extrafine wool, Mulberry Silk, which expertly mixed create original and refined yarns, outside traditional schemes.
17 November 2022

A tribute to the craftsmanship of Italian textiles

Through the BCI certification, Pozzi Electa guarantees its adherence to a world standard of sustainability throughout the cotton supply chain. A new important step in our path of environmental awareness.
26 May 2021

Ecoyarns, Pozzi Electa yarns from recycled fibers

Pozzi Electa Ecoyarns Collection is respectful of our mission to excellence and of our marked ecological awareness. We support our customers in an increasingly mindful market, without forgetting the environmental protection for the benefit of future generations.
11 January 2021

Fiera Filo and Milano Unica: acknowledgement from Lombardy Region

Pozzi Electa obtains an important recognition from the Lombardy Region in the field of Research & Innovation