Circular Knitting

Circular Knitting

Yarns produced for circular knitting are mainly used in clothing, especially to create fashion, underwear, technical and sports clothing.

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Circular Knitting yarn production

The production of yarns for circular knitting is carried out focusing on the technical features that are necessary for usage on knitting machines. In particular, the twists of the single and twisted yarns are designed to reduce the risk of movement of the fabric, and the final waxing allows an optimal flow of the yarns on circular machines. Yarns for circular knitwear are designed for clothing production, especially in fashion, underwear, technical and sports clothing. For these sectors, we supply 100% fiber yarns and blended yarns. We can supply customizable combinations of natural, artificial, and synthetic fibers, to satisfy even the most particular requests. Finally, we guarantee the best results in terms of fineness, length, color, and shine with targeted consultancy during the design phase as well as timely and continuous after-sales assistance.