Research and Development

Research and Development: Pozzi Electa ongoing investment

From the technological innovation of raw materials and machinery to university research and industry associations

Pozzi Electa is a cotton system spinning mill, renowned for the high quality of our yarns made for outerwear, underwear and fashion, for interiors, upholstered furniture and curtains, and for the technical industry.

The main markets (orthogonal weaving, circular knitting and fancy spinning) require increasing specific features. The ability to offer new products and impeccable quality of the yarns are therefore two key and distinguishing aspects that we are committed to guarantee, thanks to research and development. Find out which products are most requested by the market.

Production is ever evolving and our company does not just follow market trends: we work to anticipate them through unprecedented product combinations and effects. The current scenario sees blends playing a leading role, by combination of natural, artificial, and synthetic raw materials. The yarns produced in these blends, made with specially designed twists and drawing, will create fabrics and garments with particularly soft hands for the winter and sweetly fresh textures for the summer. Technical yarns are increasingly important. For this sector, we use aramid fibers: fire retardant, highly resistant and antibacterial, they allow us to create the most innovative textile products.

The innovation of machinery

The production of our yarns starts with the transformation of raw materials. This process depends on the careful choice of the raw fibers, and on the equipment and machinery that are set with ad hoc adjustments for each raw material.
We submit our machines to numerous and continuous technological updating interventions, which go far beyond ordinary and extraordinary maintenance. We implement useful innovations to achieve biocompatibility in every phase of the production cycle, according to the ethical commitment of our company towards the environment and people. The yarn is therefore the result of a mechanical process instead of a chemical one. Our company invests in quality rather than in bulk production, by increasing the flexibility of each single machine. Thanks to these interventions, we can achieve unique, particular, and various effects, granting a customized production, which is tailored to the specific requests of the customers. To find out how our processes are carried out and how we pursue our green vision, read:

Collaboration with universities

During our work, we collaborate with the major Italian and international universities to follow the path of innovation, under the sign of research and development. The dialogue with scholars, researchers, and future generations of professionals in our area is for us both valuable as well as strategic for the creation of innovative products.

Out of example, our collaboration with the University Master “Fiber Design and Textile Processes”, by Città Studi Biella and The goal of this Master is to train new professionals, able to combine the tradition of Italian textile culture, innovative skills and design with a cross-cutting approach and an eco-sustainable view. It is an ambitious challenge to which our company responds by making available its know-how and experience. Pozzi Electa also collaborates with other prestigious Italian and international universities, such as the Zurich Polytechnic, supporting students in the drafting of their specialist thesis and in the creation of prototypes.

Pozzi Electa

Unity is strength, especially in textiles

Membership of associations: Assolombarda and Confindustria, Sistema Moda Italia, and TEXCLUBTEC

In addition to always being open to new partnerships with research centers and universities, we believe in collaboration with other companies that share our vision: Made in Italy tradition, respect for the environment and people’s well-being. Starting from this communion of intentions, we are members of industrial organizations, such as Assolombarda and Confindustria, and of industry associations, such as Sistema Moda Italia, and TEXCLUBTEC.

Sistema Moda is one of the largest world organizations representing the textile and fashion industry of the Western world. It acts as the official interlocutor of national and international institutions and bodies. Furthermore, it makes textiles and fashion one of the most economically important sectors of Italian industry, with a strong orientation and integration within the territory. represents the Textile Innovation Hub and is an association of companies, consortia, and research organizations, established in Biella by the Piedmont Region in 2009, managed by Città Studi. We have decided to be part of it, because is a benchmark for the meeting of supply and demand of Italian textiles and for the promotion of the values in which we believe.

TEXCLUBTEC is the Italian association whose objectives are the knowledge, the development and promotion of technical and innovative textiles in Italy and abroad. Internally, we are in contact with different types of producers, representative bodies and users interested in the textile sector, to activate new synergies on the Italian territory and internationally.

Strongly believing in the associative system, we are members of Sistema Moda Italia, Assolombarda and therefore Confindustria.