Cashmere Natural Yarn Production

The production of Pozzi Electa cashmere natural yarns begins with the choice of the natural fiber. The most precious derives from collecting and shearing the hair of goats raised in areas of Tibet and on the highlands of Mongolia. The average annual yield of an animal is very low, and this explains the high cost of this fiber. We carefully select the fiber, which is short and very fine; we only choose the best qualities to guarantee white yarns. When it arrives in our production facilities in Val Seriana, it is blended into our combed and carded yarns to obtain a soft, extraordinarily light, warm, and comfortable final look. The production of Pozzi Electa cashmere natural yarns is designed for the textile industry, in particular underwear and outerwear. According to different needs, we produce cashmere yarns blended with other natural and artificial fibers. In our work, we guarantee the best results in terms of fineness, cleanliness, length, dyeing, shine, and performance.