Eco-sustainability: the ethical choice of Pozzi Electa

A green thread connects each link in the production cycle

Every year, Pozzi Electa invests in eco-sustainability through major interventions in the production chain, aiming at reducing energy consumption, thus limiting the impact on the environment. Find out why it is so important for us to be an eco-sustainable company.

Think of the Earth as a ball of yarn: the thread is the inheritance passing from one generation to the next. Although resistant, we must take care of it and prevent it from breaking.
It is our duty to preserve this thread and deliver it intact to the new generations, as our predecessors did for us. To reach that goal, we must act with a sense of joint responsibility, starting from daily private and professional habits and behaviors.
In this regard, let us tell you about our commitment to the environment.

Renewable energy: the power of water and sunlight

Major milestones were achieved thanks to our commitment in two areas: on one hand we made ourselves self-sufficient with our own sources of energy, on the other hand we are limiting energy consumption as much as possible.
All our efforts have allowed a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions of over 25%, which means a saving of around 900,000 kg of CO2.
These eco-sustainable goals are born from our choice to use self-produced renewable energy: the installation of a 450 kWp photovoltaic park and two hydroelectric plants for a total of 850 kW. The biocompatibility of our production process is therefore twofold, both in the spinning phase and in the hydroelectric and photovoltaic energy production phase.In particular, the spinning process of Pozzi Electa is considered zero impact in the calculation of the product carbon footprint, as it does not consume energy from fossil sources. To rigorously measure the energy savings of our business, we carry out periodic energy audits and consumption monitoring. In addition, we use cutting-edge technologies, such as LEDs and Inverters.

Raw materials

Quality and virtuous circle of recycling

In addition to self-produced renewable energy, the key links of our sustainable production chain are raw materials. You can recognize our eco-sustainable yarns thanks to the “ECOyarns” logo.This distinctive mark highlights the social responsibility in improving the health of the planet. In fact, we carefully select raw materials, whether natural, artificial or synthetic, after observing them and touching them with the expert hands belonging to generations of specialized technicians.  Thanks to our acknowledged experience, we have established long-lasting and proven relationships with reliable partners, who supply us with excellent quality raw materials, both in the fibers composition and in respect of the workforce in the countries of origin, against any form of labor exploitation. At the same time, we work with our suppliers to develop brand new products and new features, to constantly achieve better results.
In the production process, recycling plays a leading role. A very interesting example is Crabyon. It is a viscose produced mixing cellulose with chitin-chitosan, obtained from recicled shellfish carapace disposed from food production. The yarns made with Crabyon are thus antibacterial and hypoallergenic, while remaining biodegradable at the same time. Their properties, like those of other Pozzi Electa yarns, have a positive effect on people’s well-being.


GRS, GOTS and BCI Certifications for our sustainable yarns

In the production process, certifications guarantee our company’s adherence to a sustainable production model, aiming at reducing consumption and encouraging the use of organic material or produced according to ethical and sustainability criteria .

The certifications that we have obtained represent – like for everybody –  a time and money investment, new forms of logistic and productive organization. However – consistently with an ethical production choice – we cannot ignore certifying our production system and today we can boast of GRS, BCI and GOTS certifications.

A new ethical awareness

The short supply chain is made of people

Val Seriana core of Pozzi Electa: much more than headquarters

Since its origins, our company has grown with the inhabitants of Val Seriana. Our employees, who were born and live in this area, contribute to Italian textile excellence. The high specialization of our staff and the ongoing technological investment in machinery has allowed us to carry out the entire production process within the company. Unlike almost all textile companies, including competitors, we can avoid the outsourcing of one or more stages of the supply chain and guarantee 100% made in Italy yarns, or more precisely, 100% made in Val Seriana.
To find out more about the territory where our company was born, and has grown as a company and a community, go to: