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Product Details 


Ne 40/1; Ne 50/1; Ne 74/1; Ne 94/1



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Nm 1/70000; Nm 1/85000; Nm 1/125000; Nm 1/160000


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Rovings and slivers details 

AVAILABLE PACKAGING ROVINGS: 1 Kg FLYER SPOOLS Count Ne 1,20 (NM 2000). SLIVERS: in Kg 15 bags, 50 cm diameter, Count Ne 0,14 (Nm 240) - about 4 g / meter. Counts and weights can vary slightly depending on the materials. RETURN CONDITIONS Invoicing by conditioned weight. ROVINGS: Bobbins are charged on the invoice and re-credited once they are returned to our factory in Clusone DAP, clean and in good condition.

Product description 

LENZING™ Modal Micro is a fiber produced by Lenzing with an integrated and environmentally responsible process. Cellulose derives from naturally grown beech wood, the fiber is therefore biodegradable and compostable, ensuring the natural lifecycle and respect for the environment. LENZING™ Modal Micro is highly flexible, which gives fabrics an exclusive softness, even after repeated washing. We have been the first in Europe and in the world to use this microfiber. During our long-term experience, we have made the most of the micromodal features and have been able to spin the finest yarns on our machines that are ennobled with twisting and singeing. Exceptionally dyeable, Micromodal® gives very special natural transparency when used as single yarn.

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